About the Director



Hey. Welcome to the Excellence in Training Academy website. I’m Brian Willis. I work with law enforcement trainers who love to teach, are committed to their own learning and are passionate about helping their officers perform at their best.

I provide them with the tools to become great trainers and deliver awesome training.

I have:

  • 25 years experience as a full time police officer.
  • 25 years experience as a law enforcement trainer.
  • Received a Lifetime Achievement Award for my commitment and contributions to officer safety in Canada.
  • Been honoured as the  Law Officer Trainer of the Year for 2011.

When I am not teaching writing or speaking I can be found:

  • Listening to podcasts while riding my exercise bike in my den at home.
  • Reading or watching educational and training videos. I read mainly non-fiction but, I am a fan of Brad Thor, Lee Child, Barry Eisler, Michael Connelly and David Baldacci.
  • Listening to Uptempo Smooth Jazz on RadioTunes while writing and working on the computer.
  • Hanging out with my wife Lynda and our two adult sons Jesse and Cody.
  • Browsing at my favourite wine store, Vine Arts  for some amazing full bodies red wines . Vine Arts just happens to be owned by my son Jesse.
  • Savouring some amazing Tacos de Guisados and Tacos al Carbon at my favourite restaurant Native Tongues Taqueria, which is owned by my son Cody.
  • And occasionally having a drink and a pork belly steam bun at my favourite cocktail bar Proof (also owned by Jesse).

Please contact me at winningmind@mac.com to let me know how I can better serve you through the Excellence in Training Academy. Let me know what your greatest frustrations and challenges are as a trainer and what information would be helpful to you to address those issues and better serve those you train.

Here is a link to a TEDx talk I did on The Most Dangerous Weapon in Law Enforcement and a podcast interview on Life’s Most Powerful Question – What’s Important Now?

TEDx Naperville Talk

The Crisis Intelligence Podcast Interview

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